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History of Pearlshipping

1. Introduction.

Here will be the complete accomodation of Ash/Satoshi and Dawn/Hikari's interactions that support the idea of Pearlshipping, including those, which were neither covered by the Bulbapedia's Pearlshipping article nor by SatoHika Facebook page, and which were underestimated not only by the rival Pokemon shippers, but by some Pearlshippers too. It will also include some Pearlshipping references to the past series and references to Pearlshipping in the next series. Feel free to review it on Pearlshipping Centre Forums.

As usually, after Hoenn Ash was travelling to a new region with his Pikachu. It happened to be Sinnoh. He already had Misty and Brock as his first companions. Then, there were Tracey and Ritchie. In Hoenn, May and her younger brother Max were his new partners. Every time Ash had a female travelling partner, but in Sinnoh the fate was going to give him the suprising present of a special girl...

2. Aipom on Board! (AG 192)

The first suprise came even before Ash arrived in Sinnoh. Aipom, who started to miss Ash, went on the board where he was.

At first sight, this had nothing to do with Ash and Dawn who even didn't meet with each other at that moment. But if we look further, Ash's Aipom was meant to be one means of binding them together. I ask Pokeshippers, Advanceshippers and Amourshippers: why did the script authors leave Aipom intentionally with Ash at the end of the Advanced Generation series? Why did they put Aipom suspiciously close to Buizel on the japanese 'Pikachu's Island Adventure' DVD cover? Why did the Zoey's subject of Dawn training it pop up at their first meeting? It looks like the fate of Ash's Aipom was already defined. And it was the pokemon trade, that looked no less serious than the exchange of the wedding rings.

3. Ash's Pikachu's Saviour (DP 002)

Ash's Pikachu, being alone and weakened, trusted Dawn and seeked protection in her. She, with the help of her Piplup, helped it to fight and win against Team Rocket for the first time. After seeing Pikachu in a poor condition, Dawn decided to take it to the Pokemon Center, where it could be healed. It was the first act of caring for Ash's pokemon. And Pikachu knew who helped it.

4. Dawn's Acquaintance with Ash (DP 003)

After Team Rocket captured Pikachu and Piplup's attempt to rescue it was ineffective, Dawn risked her own well-being. Ironically, she was saved by Ash's Aipom.

When Dawn saw Ash for the first time, she was amazed by his bravery to save his pokemon and at the same time worried as he was attacked by Team Rocket and then was climbing their mecha. It was the moment when Dawn fell in love with him. I can say it safely because her eyes were rolling at that time.

When Team Rocket blasted off, Dawn was worried for Pikachu and cried its name. Finally, when Pikachu appeared, she expressed her happiness that it was okay. Ash obviously heard and knew that she cared for his Pikachu and her help was as valuable for him as his Pikachu, so he thanked Dawn.

Ash and Dawn's first talk also happened in this episode. They talked about Brock's strange habit of flirting with girls.

When Ash, Dawn and Brock were at the Professor Rowan's lab, Dawn looked amazed by things Ash's mom sent to him. While talking with Professor Oak there, Ash gallantly introduced Dawn to him as the person who saved his Pikachu. Besides, while she was talking with Professor Oak, Ash smiled at her and it looked sweet. However, Dawn soon put him into discomfort, naming the Professor as the Poet. She was delighted that Ash was acquainted with a famous man she knew.

After the talk with Professor Oak Dawn said to Ash that she wanted to travel together with him and Brock to Jubilife City. Ash replied with a smile that it would be fun to have her as a travelling companion and accepted her.

When Ash's Aipom and Starly along with Dawn's Piplup approached their trainers, Ash mentioned her Piplup as his new travelling companion too, while Dawn was glad to be together with Pikachu.

At the backyard of Professor Rowan's lab Dawn was going to watch the first battle between trainers. Before it, she could obviously look at Paul, but preferred to look at Ash. After Paul's Chimchar was unable to battle Dawn looked joyful.

5. Guidance, Rackets and Making Up (DP 004)

From the start of this episode, Ash tried to help Dawn with catching a Buneary with useful criticism, taking a role of a mentor. But she was still troubled because she lacked experience and was overconfident. Dawn accidentally threw a pokeball at Ash and hit him, so he fell on the ground, getting more criticism from him. It was considered as whining by her, although the one, who was actually whining, was her. In the further argument with Dawn Ash was trying to knock her overconfidence out but failed. I wonder what was his intention, was it only for the sake of not being hit by her pokeballs further or was it already some interest from Ash?

When Ash and Dawn met Nando, both of them felt embarassed by their heated quarrel for the first time. But she was still eager to show Ash her prowess in a battle with Nando.

This Dawn's challenge made him worry because it was her first battle. Why wasn't Ash indifferent? Moreover, he could still be angry with the pokeball hit she had made. After Dawn lost her battle with Nando, Ash wilfully continued to behave as her mentor, encouraging her to get stronger from that moment. And she agreed that she needed to become stronger, being glad that he didn't only criticise, but supported her as well.

In the evening of the same day Dawn was whining herself for not getting any pokemon and losing the first battle and accepted that it was not fine at all. Hearing it, Ash was the only one who gave her further verbal support.

Another noticeable thing is that when Brock was talking about the Pewter Gym and Dawn was confused about it, Ash wilfully cleared her confusion, describing it in details, while it could be done by Brock. This also showed his concern for her clear mind, as well as the established bond with her.

A videophone talk with Dawn's mother, Johanna, was also interesting. She asked Ash and Brock to watch out for her daughter and Ash accepted her request, as he already had some concern for her. Johanna also indirectly took Ash's side in Dawn's recent argument with him, saying about her overconfidence as well, causing a blob on her daughter's face and a smile on Ash's face to appear.

Right after Ash registered for the Sinnoh League, the Ash and Dawn's Gyms - Contests argument happened. Despite it was a heated one, they also reached an agreement on letting Nando decide. While running off the Pokemon Center, Ash was continuously looking at Dawn. I wonder if it was also some sort of test for her from his side.

Brock was the first one to unite Ash and Dawn by pointing out their responsibility of running off with thinking about the consequences. The second one was Nando, calming them down by telling about the song of the forest. The song of the forest was also a good point for Ash to convince Dawn that it was not too bad to sleep outdoors at nights. He wanted her to feel comfort at nights. Now tell me he didn't care for Dawn.

The ability to be sorry to each other is a sign of a healthy couple. Dawn was sorry to Ash for whining to him, while he was sorry for being too harsh, thus they proved the ability to become a healthy couple in future and agreed to cooperate with each other.

6. Biting Turtwig Rush (DP 005)

Dawn was worried several times for Ash When Ash woke up at Clara's house, Dawn asked him if he was okay. When Ash found his Pikachu, Turtwig defended it by hitting him. Dawn was visibly worried for Ash. After Team Rocket's caught Pikachu and Turtwig, and their submarine started to move, Ash quickly jumped into water, while Dawn just cried, 'Ash!'. From the start of this episode, Ash tried to help Dawn with catching a Buneary with useful criticism, taking a role of a mentor. But she was still troubled because she lacked experience and was overconfident. Dawn accidentally threw a pokeball at Ash and hit him, so he fell on the ground, getting more criticism from him. It was considered as whining by her, although the one, who was actually whining, was her. In the further argument with Dawn Ash was trying to knock her overconfidence out but failed. I wonder what was his intention, was it only for the sake of not being hit by her pokeballs further or was it already some interest from Ash?

This episode was also the first time of Piplup's assistance to Ash. And the most curious detail was that he thanked Piplup just for being with him - as you could see, Piplup didn't do anything to free Pikachu and Turtwig. I wonder if it was an indirect act of politeness to Dawn.

Dawn gave two smiles to Ash when Turtwig was biting his head and when he caught it.

7. Turtwig's Energetic Day (DP 006)

I should mention that despite being acquainted with each other for a short time, Ash and Dawn demonstrated good teamwork in putting plates on the table before their lunch, while Brock was cooking it.

After Turtwig forcefully prevented the fight between Aipom and Piplup, Dawn was smiling while it was biting Ash's head affectionately. Moreover, the pokemon participated in the fight were smiling as well.

It was Dawn who warned Ash and was worried about their disadvantage when he was going to have a battle with Paul using his Turtwig. Why did she care about it?

Dawn was further worried about Ash while he was falling down to a lake and when he finally landed in the water. Dawn cried 'Ash', being happy to see him. And she cried his name another time in worry for him as he was attacked by an Ursaring.

Dawn looked worried about Ash when she guessed that the rematch with Paul repeated his previous defeat. She also looked happy when his strategy had proved to be effective.

Dawn took Ash's side in his conflict with Paul after their second battle and asked him persistently not to let Paul get to him.

8. Piplup's Great Efforts (DP 007)

Although Dawn failed her first performance attempt with Piplup, Ash was interested in seeing it. He smiled (several times playfully) at her while bracing her up.

Dawn was sitting much closer to Ash than to Brock while she was watching her Piplup from tall grass.

Dawn looked at Ash in such way as if she was looking for support in him when he confronted Team Rocket. Ash was worried about Dawn's Piplup when it was attacked by robotic Remoraid and even cried to it to get up. Later he was happy to see its perfected spinning bubble beam move. It looked as if her Piplup was already a part of his pokemon family.

Dawn looked at Ash with admiration how he cared for his Pikachu and for three Ludicolo. In the end of the episode we can hear Ash 's admiration for Dawn's Piplup.

9. Charming Dawn, Shy Buneary & Their Crushes (DP 009)

Dawn's cry from her tent made Ash get up from his sleeping bag and hurry to her in worry, while Brock didn't show nearly as much concern for her. He came to the tent but she didn't let him in due to her messy hair. Ash tried to calm Dawn down from the outside, saying about hats, but she was dissatisfied with that his statement as it was a typical male response. When she said that she took pride in her appearance, it sounded like a reproach for him.

Ash was very suprised to watch bubble beam coming from Dawn's tent. When Dawn came out of it, she and Ash bumped into each other and fell down, making their first body contact. This moment was also the start for a pokemon relationship between Pikachu and Buneary that added to a relationship between Ash and Dawn.

Ash was curious to know what for Dawn used Piplup's bubble beam and so she tried to charm him with her hair. Moreover, she showed interest in fixing his messy hair. Why was she interested in it if she had no feelings for him? Later, she didn't show any interest in Kenny's, Conway's or Barry's hair. Dawn was also seen smiling at Ash's Aipom running with his hat.

Ash and Dawn stood close to each other when Officer Jenny showed them the photo of the Team Rocket.

After Ash said he wanted to catch that Buneary, Dawn stated about not catching any pokemon yet and about the upcoming contest. At that moment she looked like she begged him to stop pretending on it. And then the Dawn's request was accepted by Ash, letting her be the first to try to catch the Buneary.

By the way, both Ash and Dawn forgot about the dishes running away to the Buneary. It was Brock who reminded to our couple about the dishes with Ash saying he would do them later and Dawn saying not to worry about them.

Dawn wanted to show off her Piplup's speed in front of Ash, making him feel shocked. When it was confused by Buneary's move, she seeked help in Ash. And he helped her by advising to relax, sucking his desire to get this Buneary up. This was an underestimated hint, because if a guy sucks something up for a girl, he cares about her more, than about himself. Moreover, Ash called Dawn's name in worry after her unsuccessful attempt to catch the Buneary.

Dawn made an inviting gesture for Ash to catch the Buneary which made him smile. Judging by her words, she also sucked her desire to do it up, so she cared for his wish too. After passing the attempt Dawn smiled, so it was done sincerely.

After Dawn saved the Buneary, she asked Ash again a favour of letting her capture it and he agreed. When it was captured by her, Ash was happy for Dawn.

10. Getting Poketch Troubles (DP 010)

Ash was interested in what Dawn was looking for while she was looking through a magazine. He cheered up Dawn when she was upset about Poketches being not more sold. Ash could be more indifferent to this her problem, though he had some irony on his face. Later he announced to Dawn that some sellers gave out Poketches and was as happy for her as she was. This scene showed that her happiness was his happiness too.

Dawn showed admiration for Ash after his relationship with Pikachu was checked by a Poketch.

Ash reminded Dawn about her debut with an encouragement gesture.

Ash had an ironic smile and a blob on his face when Dawn was speaking her mind in the Pokemon Center about not getting a Poketch and being teased by Landis. It seems he didn't like what happened with her but took it very easy. After that Ash also supported Dawn's spirit.

Ash was impressed by Dawn when she saved Landis and at the same time worried for her well-being, crying her name. Ash and Dawn's pokemon also demonstrated mutual help. Starly helped Piplup, then Piplup and Buneary helped exhausted Pikachu. Dawn ran to Pikachu worried about it. Ash was gazing at Dawn when she saved pokemon from Team Rocket.

Ash said to Dawn it was great that she obtained a Poketch and encouraged her to do her best at her first contest.

11. Ash and Dawn's Contest Debut (DP 011, 012)

First of all, Dawn danced in front of Ash and bowed to him as if she showed off especially for him. She was emotional to him not getting the idea of her dressing up. Why wasn't Dawn indifferent to his thoughts? Besides, Ash promised to Dawn's mum that he (and Brock) would be there for her.

After Dawn saw Aipom's perfomance, she suggested Ash should compete in the contest. She was interested in competing against Ash and said about it being fun with a wide smile on her face. This was the first time Dawn successfully convinced Ash to do something to the extent that he got excited about it.

Ash was shocked that Dawn forgot to register in the contest circuit. Both of them looked eager to get their contest registration done at the registration table. When they registered, it was Dawn's time to help Ash to understand and show what for and how a ball capsule and a seal work. And he was impressed by her presentation.

When the contest started, Ash was worried for Dawn because she didn't appear in the room where participants were waiting for their perfomance. He rushed to look for her. Dawn was shocked to see him in one of the corridors she went through. Ash helped her to regain consciousness by saying it was time for the first round and they ran together to the waiting room. She was seen happy to get there in time and it was due to Ash.

After Ash made his perfomance, Dawn was in the clouds again and smiled widely, but this time because of how awesome he looked. This her statement was heard by her friend and rival, Zoey. Just before she went away to the scene, Ash's Pikachu gave some encouragement on its own.

At the backstage Dawn met Ash. She looked stunned as she saw him. She was smiling widely when she said he was great. And Ash gave her nervous self wise piece of advice just to have a good time. This was the first time he and Dawn did a high-five, later becoming their trademark gesture.

After Dawn finished her perfomance, Ash said that her perfomance looked great. When she fell on her knees, Ash was the one to ask if she was okay, and she answered that he had no need to worry.

Dawn assured Ash that he would be great in the next contest round. She also replied instead of Ash to Zoey who criticised him for taking part in both gym battles and contests. This action proved that Dawn was already responsible for him. At the same time, Zoey contributed to the bond between Ash and Dawn by advising the latter to raise his Aipom.

At the battle stage of the contest Ash cheered for Dawn and was sad when she lost. After her loss, Johanna mentioned Ash (and Brock) as her good friend. Later, Ash and Dawn assured each other with a nice smile that they were going to do great.

12. Watching Birds (DP 013)

Since the start of the episode Dawn was worried about Ash's Starly while it was learning to do an aerial ace. She was later seen being happy and in a pose that looked like praising for the Starly. After it got hurt by falling down on the ground, Dawn was relieved to know Brock had a potion to heal it. She really cared for Ash's pokemon like a mother cares for her children.

Both Ash and Dawn were delighted to watch birds. They were also very shocked by Brock's fast recovery from poison jab. During their bird watching session Ash and Dawn were close to each other. She turned to him and asked if he could give her the binoculars that he was keeping. While Ash was giving it, smiling at her, they were looking at each other. When Dawn took the binoculars, she looked happy, and he was still smiling at her.

Dawn supported Ash when he offered help to Rosebay. And they were able to convince her. Ash sent out his Starly and Dawn was seen very worried for it as it wasn't returning to them.

13. Lost Nuzleaf (DP 014)

Dawn wanted to stay the night in the pokemon center while Ash wanted to come earlier to the Oreburgh Gym. She commented that the gym battle could wait a bit longer in an attempt to affect his plans.

Ash and Dawn looked like happy parents while they were watching Brock's Bonsly eating pokemon food.

At the moment Ash and Dawn decided to help a Nuzleaf to get home, she gave him another nice smile. And their minds were seen attuned again as both of them were excited to help the pokemon in need.

While Brock was not with them, Dawn once again seeked help in Ash, looking at him with troubled expression on her face.

Dawn and Ash were actually parenting the Nuzleaf with their faces full of care for it before saying goodbye. She asked it to stay close to the nest, while he asked to take care of its friends. At that moment they were standing closer to each other than to Brock.

While they were walking away from the Nuzleaf, Dawn said about Ash's first gym battle with a smile on her face, feeling happy for him.

14. First Gym Battle (DP 015, 016)

Ash continued Dawn's words about the great place for his first Sinnoh battle, saying about the great place to get his first badge.

After they entered the Oreburgh Gym, Ash was shocked to know that Dawn wanted to see a gym battle and know everything about them.

Dawn was also the one who tried to stop a quarrel between him and Paul, later taking Ash's side.

Dawn was visibly upset for Staravia which wasn't chosen by Ash to participate in the gym batte. Calming it down was the first time of maternal care for Ash's pokemon. After Ash heard Dawn's 'no need to worry', he remembered her mother's reply, thus making her irritated.

Dawn was wondering about what Paul's Chimchar and Elekid think of their trainer, taking Ash's view on raising pokemon.

While Ash was battling Roark, Dawn was worried for him, happy for his pokemon's effective moves and upset for his loss.

15. Day in Rocks (DP 017)

Dawn was delighted to see Ash training his pokemon in rocks. She later advised him to call Professor Oak to get some tips for his gym rematch. She also offered to lend him Piplup for it, but he refused. Dawn was upset about the type disadvantage Ash's pokemon had against Roark's. Dawn later confessed to Ash that watching him was making her psyched to train. They exchanged nice wishes of doing one's best and good luck before she left to train on her own.

Later, when Ash was in danger due to an attack of a fossil pokemon, Dawn rushed to save his life with her pokemon and asked if he was okay. He was happy to be saved by her. Ash was impressed by the spinning move Dawn used in a battle with the fossil pokemon and asked her to help him to train. Dawn agreed to train with him, saying that it would be good for her too.

16. Rematch with Roark (DP 018)

Dawn wore the cheerleader outfit and cheered for Ash for the first time. She explained it as her thanks to him for some special training, closing her eyes with happiness. Ash thanked Dawn for cheering him and exclaimed how could he not win after that.

In the rematch against Roark Ash used a Dawn's move for the first time - the spin and dodge. It was used by Pikachu and Aipom. Dawn was happy to see it working and helping Ash's pokemon to dodge. After Aipom and Pikachu lost their battles, she was upset about his possible defeat and was worried about any hope for Turtwig. Later, Dawn was happy for him winning the first gym badge in Sinnoh.

17. Tricky Pachirisu (DP 019)

Ash was interested in what pokemon Dawn was going to catch, checking a Pachirisu with his pokedex. Once it proved itself as being tricky to catch, Ash noted that was some Pachirisu for her. Not only he was a bit ironic, but he also cheered for her. Ash was happy that Dawn captured Pachirisu.

Dawn stressed that it was her turn to win the first contest ribbon after Ash got the first gym badge, showing another time that she got encouragement from him. Later, when she was unable to return Pachirisu to its poke ball, she seeked help in him and was happy to hear that he (and Brock) would help. Pikachu was unable to do something with Pachirisu's hyperactivity, and Ash could obviously not start another ineffective attempt, but he was so eager to help Dawn that he let out all his pokemon. Fainted Pachirisu made her feel embarassed in front of Ash (and Brock) because of her bad hair.

Ash was worried about Dawn and started to ask if she was okay when she came out of her tent. He also noted that at that moment she was having a rough time. Ash ran to Dawn and knew that she had released Pachirisu. He wasn't glad with that, but was supportive and assured her that all pokemon were tricky at start.

Ash promised Dawn that he and Brock would help her after she decided to recapture the Pachirisu. This exclamation from him made her smile thankfully. Furthermore, he reassured her once again in an encouraging way. Ash assisted Dawn in recapturing the Pachirisu marking the perfect moment to do it.

After the Pachirisu started to be with Team Rocket, Ash claimed to Dawn that it wouldn't forget her. But she was unsure about it. We will never understand whether his belief was blind or not, but why did he say that if he had no feelings for her? Ash was seen genuinely happy when his words about the Pachirisu were proven to be correct, and Dawn saw his emotion.

After recatching the Pachirisu, Dawn was smiling happily at Ash. At the same moment Ash was smiling happily at her too. This was another moment showing the mutual nature of their relationship.

18. Gardevoir Rescue or Worried Dawn (DP 020)

Dawn cried Ash's name in worry, while approaching him being bound to a tree. She untied him with the help of her pokemon. Dawn wasn't indifferent to Ash's anger and asked what was wrong. It happened because Hunter J had taken his Pikachu.

Dawn looked extremely worried for Ash when he disappeared with the Hunter J's flying boat, and this her feeling strengthened even more when Brock made an assumption that he was probably in it. Officer Jenny exclaimed Ash's name looking through her binoculars, and it immediately made Dawn extremely worried again. Dawn took the binoculars and saw him being in danger of falling down, she was really afraid of it. Later, she was happy to see Ash safe and sound who was rescued by a kidnapped Gardevoir.

19. Giving Piplup A Shot (DP 021)

Dawn was shocked to be left behind by Ash after he asked a B-team for a battle. She also made him shocked when she begged him to give her Piplup a shot. Ash wondered if it had any chances against a Koiking. During the Dawn's battle, he was cheering for her, despite of it not being a part of an official competition.

20. Aipom's Banana Appetite (DP 022)

In the beginning of this episode Dawn was delighted to know that Aipom steals Ash's hat just to show affection for him.

After Aipom bumped into the Team Rocket, Ash began to watch it from the bushes, so Dawn lost sight of him and was a bit worried. At first, she looked at him smiling. But when she got to know that he was worried about his Aipom, she became concerned and serious. In the next scene she witnessed his love and jealousy for the female pokemon.

Since the start of Dawn's unofficial contest, Ash was cheering for her. He was also seen cheering for her Pachirisu. After the perfomance stage Dawn looked down and it was Ash who immediately stopped her sad thoughts by saying that she was great and that the Pachirisu's electric moves were accepted well by the audience. He was also smiling sweetly at her at that moment.

In the battle with Jessie Dawn reached Ash's heart and made him happy by saying it was him who trained Aipom to be so powerful. Ultimately, when he was down after Aipom ran away, it was Dawn and Pikachu who pointed its desire to eat bananas to Ash. She also noted that Aipom liked contests more than gym battles, but he disagreed with her.

21. Getting Rid of Shovels (DP 023)

Dawn was seen encouraging Staravia while it was removing a shovel from a Steelix and very worried for it when it was hurt badly. She was also very worried for Pikachu while it was helping to get rid of the Steelix to the extent that she asked it to stop and said she couldn't look at its hopeless efforts.

22. Pikachu as Sugar (DP 024)

While the group disguised Pikachu as Sugar, Dawn was smiling at Ash's mistake of not naming it Sugar at first. He had the same emotion as hers at that moment. Later, she was amazed by Pikachu's acting skills.

Dawn cried Ash's name in worry when he jumped on a Team Rocket's truck. She remained worried, especially when he fell down, looking at him from the Theresa's car. The strongest moment was that Dawn was physically keeping Ash away from danger.

Finally, when Dawn declared about winning the next contest, Ash encouraged her not only verbally - his hand was also in an encouraging pose.

23. Poffin Cooking, Roserade And Loud Ash (DP 025)

At the beginning of the episode Ash gave Dawn a look of understanding her being pumped up for the upcoming contest.

Only Ash and Dawn bowed as a thanks to an old lady who had approached them and had told them the legend of Floaroma Town. Dawn was shocked that Ash knew nothing sbout poffins and was excited to tell him about them. She made him interested in the poffin cooking class to the extent that he was excited about it and persuaded Brock to take part in it.

Ash and Dawn came to a place where the poffin cooking class was going to take place. When Ash cried loud that they had come for it, Dawn placed a hand on his shoulder and asked him to hold on as he was scaring a Rozerade on the flower field. Ash looked embarassed as he accepted that she was right. Dawn is seen smiling, so her criticism was not rude to him. Furthermore, she stressed that Ash was not always so loud as if she wanted to maintain his reputation.

Later, before Ash and Dawn started to cook poffins, they were equally excited. During cooking process, Ash showed interest in what Dawn was doing. He was also smiling at her while she was talking about her poffin cooking experience. This was the time when Ash teased Dawn for the first time, asking if her pokemon also refused to eat her poffins. There will be at least two more times he kindly teases her.

During the tea break, Ash looked directly at Dawn and shared his thoughts with her about the Roserade which was presumably scared by his loud voice, while Brock was also near him.

24. Dawn The Dee-Dee and Her First Ribbon (DP 026)

Ash and his Pikachu helped Dawn's Pachirisu to better control Discharge, and Dawn thanked it for its assistance. Moreover, Ash thanked his electric mouse partner as well. After Pachirisu electrocuted the group, Ash was focused on Dawn. Later, Dawn heard her 'Dee-dee' nickname and started to fix her hair. While doing that, she accidentally showed her panties to Ash who was behind her and was looking at her side. Ash was quickly interested in why Dawn had such a nickname.

When Ash was laughing at Kenny's story about Dawn in her childhood, she asked him if he would grow up. As Kenny told him a story of Dawn wearing two different shoes, Ash was correct that she used her catchphrase 'No need to worry'. After Ash said that Dawn did it all the time, he and her Piplup had the same emotion. It can denote that they might have an identical mindset.

In the battle with Kenny Ash used the dodge spin that had been invented by Dawn. Some time later the suspicion that it was his fanservice for her arises.

She was seen very nervous as she kept her hands on her head and repeated her catchphrase. Kenny, despite having interest in her, wasn't interested in her emotional state. Dawn's nervousness vanished immediately after Ash had called her name. He praised her Pachirisu (somewhat Kenny never did to her pokemon) and this caused her and Pachirisu to smile. Then, he further calmed her down, using her 'no need to worry' line, and Dawn thanked him for that. Ash was happy for Dawn when she passed the appeal round and won the contest.

When the contest finished and Dawn was crying, Ash asked why she was doing that. She said to him that she would cheer for him. Ash and Dawn made a high-five with joy and happiness. After Kenny used 'Pikari' again, Ash was addressed Dawn a question why he kept calling her 'Pikari'. She didn't give the more negative reaction to Ash, but she wasn't happy with it either.

To be continued...